Specializing in the Science of Creativity

 Engineered Awareness is a unique

Creativity Framework

Providing Definitions, Tools and Techniques for

Innovation and Invention

Incorporating The Best Of TRIZ, Agile, Design Thinking Plus Much More


Creativity is weird and requires an exact set of definitions to avoid clumsy and ambiguous communication. The Eaware framework specifies a rich new vocabulary to enable greater clarity of thought and action.
We provide a full suite of tools. Borrowing from physics, math, logic, evolution, psychology, and even mythology, our tools are rational, effective and solid.
Looking for an inspired solution is like staring into the dark and hoping for something to jump out. We grab innovation by diving into paradoxes, contradictions and singularities. It's much faster than waiting.

Eaware works in Both Agile and Waterfall Environments


Our Products And Services

The Way Of Invention
Brain Snorting
Teaming With Ideas





A disciplined way of living to make you the most inventive you can be.

Brain Snorting

A much better way of collaborating on inventions.

Creative Teams

Once your members are highly creative it's time to build a team.


Have More Epiphanies!

and Higher Quality too!

Solving problems with creative
is like mental pole vaulting.
Analytical study is like running on the ground.
Bursts of Inspiration are like flying in the air.
When you're in the air, the tiniest motions
can make or break your jump!


Supercharge Your Mind!

Engineered Awareness is dedicated to transforming you into a top flight thinker. Using the latest science, mental exercises and world class metaphors, we will help you realize your greatest potential!

  • think faster, with greater depth and precision
  • become an expert at rational and critical thinking
  • avoid fallacies, misconceptions and parasitic fantasies
  • learn how to judge ideas and people on merits not preconceived bias

Creativity is a lot like pole vaulting!

Not so much like light bulbs


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