Today's Business Reality:

Innovate or Risk Disruption

New Inventions Are Taking The World By Storm!

Science And Inventions Are Discovered Practically Every Day!

If you're not keeping up then you're falling behind. The power to create, innovate,
troubleshoot and above all INVENT is now more essential than ever before!

The Creative Thinking Specialists


What We Do:
  • Mindfulness and Meditation For Inventors
  • Effective Ways To Learn and Analyze
  • Powerful Collaboration Techniques
  • Scientific and Empirical Creativity
  • Profound Synesthetic Allegories
  • 3D Visualization Of Complex Systems
  • Humour - We Teach You How To Be Funny!
What We Don't Do:
  • Irrational  Faith and Intuition
  • Play       Children's       Games
  • Indulge        In        Spirituality
  • Pseudo  Science  Dopamine
  • Random  Shots  In  The  Dark
  • Motivating     and      Bullying
  • Ignore   Anti-Social    Gorillas

Creativity Is NOT Like Light Bulbs!

What a cliché!     

Creativity IS Like Pole Vaulting!

Look At All The Similarities

In Pole Vaulting You :
  • train for all around fitness
  • run fast holding a pole
  • throw your momentum upward
  • twist and contort in the air
  • land safely with the bar intact
In Creative Thinking You :
  • grow up and stop lying
  • stop your internal dialog
  • increase your limit of conceivability
  • twist and contort in the air!
  • bring back a useful idea
No Light Bulb Can Do All That!


Engineered Awareness

is a comprehensive and elegant framework for describing creativity and innovation.


Our Products And Services

Mental Software

defines objects, processes, states and tools for:

  • epiphanies and inspirations
  • pre-inspiration study and analysis
  • wrestling with paradoxes and contradictions
  • complex inversions
  • rational mindfulness
  • the source of profundity
  • the abstract juggling of ideas

Logical Tools

  • Cantor’s Theory Of Infinite Sets
  • Tarski’s Undefinability Of Truth
  • Goedel’s Incompleteness Theorems
  • The Mandelbrot Set and The Escape Time Algorithm
  • A hero’s journey through allegorical landscapes
  • A Conceptual integration with TRIZ
  • The Infinite Regress

Latest Research

  • neuroscience
  • fMRI brain scans
  • 3D imaging, synesthesia
  • empathy and rational thinking
The Way Of Invention
Brain Snorting
Teaming With Ideas





A disciplined way of living to make you the most inventive you can be.

Brain Snorting

A much better way of collaborating on inventions.

Creative Teams

Once your members are highly creative it's time to build a team.


Have More Epiphanies!

and Higher Quality too!

Solving problems with creative
is like mental pole vaulting.
Analytical study is like running on the ground.
Bursts of Inspiration are like flying in the air.
When you're in the air, the tiniest motions
can make or break your jump!


Supercharge Your Mind!

Engineered Awareness is dedicated to transforming you into a top flight thinker. Using the latest science, mental exercises and world class metaphors, we will help you realize your greatest potential!

  • think faster, with greater depth and precision
  • become an expert at rational and critical thinking
  • avoid fallacies, misconceptions and parasitic fantasies
  • learn how to judge ideas and people on merits not preconceived bias

Creativity is a lot like pole vaulting!

Not so much like light bulbs


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