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Are You Optimizing Your Insights?

Dismissing epiphanies as soon as they happen, and feeling insecure about the whole "insight thing " has never worked before, and most likely never will again.

Bursts of creative insight are elusive when they don't happen and mysterious when they do. But light bulb moments are actually neither rare nor random.

With discipline and training they can become frequent and reliable. Optimize your creative potential by learning to solve problems with insightful solutions.

Is Your Competition Optimizing Their Insights?
They might be. Big enterprises fail when they ignore great new ideas. From outside the corporation as well as inside.

Do your best ideas flow down the same "suppress and discard " pipeline where your worst ideas go?

Insights are like pole vaulting on a light saber above a rabbit in a magic hat!

Epiphanies Happen

Great Ideas Happen With Them

Great ideas come to us in flashes of insight. By practicing the right techniques, epiphanies are inevitable. How are you inspiring and benefitting from insights? Waiting to have a great idea is not a good technique.

Having more insights and sharpening them to higher quality are worthwhile goals. Getting stressed and worrying about them is counterproductive.

You can't control your insightful moments directly, but you can learn to influence them. This will take you to weird places that are off your map. If you try to program people like robots, (or yourself) then insights will remain beyond your grasp.

Moments of insight are one of the most evolved things that any creature can do, and will never be automated. The people who think epiphanies aren't special, are the ones least likely to have them.

Got Problems You Can't Solve? Call The Insight Experts

We teach how to have epiphanies more often and of better quality.
Waiting for someone to have a great idea is slow, uncertain, and might not benefit you.

Get proactive and start cooking better ideas now.