A Creativity Framework Focused on Inspiration

Analysis Can Solve One Problem - Inspiration Can Solve Several At Once

We Are The Inspiration Experts

What is an Innovation Technique?

Our Innovation Techniques :

Just A Few Of Them

  • Accurate Allegories
  • Abstract Modeling
  • Insight Planning, Optimizing
  • Mindfulness, Synesthesia
  • People Whispering
  • Courage and Leadership

What We Don't Have:

  • Acronyms
  • Mnemonics
  • Buzz Words
  • Background In Sales
Waiting For A Good Idea
Is  Not A Technique!

Use Abstract Thinking Tools to Break Through Difficult Problems

Engineered Awareness


A toolbox of Creative Thinking Tools

We don't analyze creativity into buzz words, instead we use powerful concepts derived from:

  • Allegories
  • Physics
  • Evolution
  • Psychology
  • Machines
  • Abstraction
  • Algorithms
  • Circuits
  • Logic

Novel Thinking Will Save Money And Speed You Ahead

Don't just wait for Aha! moments to happen, jump up and pull them down!

Read what others have to say about Epiphanies:

"While we can describe an epiphany, we don't know how to teach it or make it happen."
" - there is no process to teach how to get an epiphany. "- Steve Blank
"There is no magical prescription to actually achieve an epiphany" - CustomFitOnline
"One of the most damaging and pervasive myths of self-help is that of the epiphany" - Scott H Young
"Epiphanies are bullshit." - Ryan Holiday

When Inspiration Is Easy You Use It For Everything

Easy Problems Get Solved By Analysis

Difficult Problems Get Solved When Someone Has An Epiphany

Learning to have epiphanies is a valuable Life Skill

Innovation Fallacies:

  • "Ideas don't matter, only how hard you work."
  • "All new ideas will come from analysis."
  • "With everyone looking hard, every invention will appear in the next few years."
  • "Creative types don't fit in and don't take direction."
  • "Creativity is weird and can't be taught, I'll wait til they get it right."
  • "Generating new ideas is trivial, everyone has a hundred of them."

Our Framework for Producing Inspired Solutions Comes From Building Art

Not Analysis!