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If your innovation technique is to wait for
inspired ideas then you have no technique


Don't wait for epiphanies to come to you, go out and grab them!

Cramming your brain full of facts about your problem and waiting for an explosive solution to come to you was a great idea, 100 years ago. Today we can do much better. Advances in dozens of scientific fields are applicable to the art of creative problem solving. Using our exclusive set of tools and techniques you will find the solutions you need much faster.


Creativity is a Science

Some milestones in the development of creative thinking as a science

  • 1891 George Cantor discovers the Uncountably Infinite
  • 1926 Graham Wallas publishes The Art Of Thought
  • 1931 Kurt Goedel and his two Incompleteness Theorems
  • 1936 Alfred Tarski and The Undefinability Of Truth
  • 1946 Genrich Altshuller debuts TRIZ
  • 1979 Stephen Jay Gould coins the term Spandrel
  • 1980 Benoit Mandelbrot and the Escape Time Algorithm

What does all this have to do with innovative thinking? We can show you how!


We have invented brain-snort-ing, an effective, powerful and hilarious new form of group collaboration. The term "brain-storm-ing" has become tarnished and is ripe for disruption. In the past, school teachers became creativity consultants and taught executives to play with playdo, lego and finger paint. Motivational consultants called themselves innovators and taught people to throw random words in a hat, pick them out and make up hundreds of "new ideas." Because somehow a large number of worthless ideas guarantees a few good ones. We don't hope and guess our clients will somehow become creative, we know they will.


The Way of Invention

To be the most effective inventor you can be requires full time awareness. We teach The Way Of Invention - a zen like discipline that emphasizes attention, speed, morality and humility.

  • mindfulness training for inventors
  • critical and rational thinking
  • maturity, integrity and honesty
  • divergent thinking unhooked from presumptions
  • sophisticated techniques for juggling ideas

If you truly want to create meaningful solutions to today's problems then The Way Of Invention is for you.

cTeam.jpgTeaming With Ideas

Once you have creative people then you need them to work together as a team. Special team building events are a lot of fun, but your development team doesn't work on a dock in Muskoka playing laser tag or run spoon in mouth egg races at the office. Unless your business is really weird. The tiniest subtle details in the workspace will greatly affect your team's creative output. To have inspired moments of epiphany people need to feel safe and encouraged to contribute without constraint.




Improvising comedy on the spot is an ideal demonstration of the inventive process. It demands all of the essential skills: mindfulness, empathy, modeling, pulling the rabbit out of the hat, humility and respect. Learning to be funny provides more than just laughs. Skilled inventors that practice comedy, are happy, hilarious and more inventive.

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