If you're a member of the Anti-Social group like a dominator, narcissist, psychopath or whiner, then your natural aggression and lack of empathy will cause others to mistake you for a leader. You will pester, over promise, under deliver and blame the fallout on someone else. But people who have grown up suffering under faux leaders like this have had enough and want something better.

Being a leader sounds great to a lot of people but taking risks and acting without permission is stressful and can be debilitating. Stress is the enemy of inspiration. Pleasing everyone can make some situations so difficult they become impossible to solve. Being bold without consensus requires knowing people better than they know themselves.

To be agile means that every member of a team will be comfortable making decisions within their own domain. Defining the boundaries of that domain is a kindness that allows people the freedom to be creative and confidant in what they are doing.





Creativity Frameworks

They Work

A study comparing the creative performance between a group that did not use a framework and groups using several popular ones, showed that all of the frameworks tested produced better results. So you are better off using a creativity framework then none at all.

They Are Not All Equal

Some frameworks are based on contrived premises or dimensions that are not atomic. That they still work is due to something like the placebo effect: we think we're better at innovating so we are. Here are some assets and deficits to help you make a choice.

We Don't Use One

Methodizing processes caters to the insecure and we believe it's a mistake. Instead we have created a toolbox of techniques that help at every stage of the creative process. We provide the tools and you create your art.

Bad Frameworks
  • Rely on Psuedo Science, Faith, Energy and Frequency
  • Attempt To Methodize the Weird Creative Process
  • Are thick with buzz words and acronyms
  • Use obsolete models like left and right brains
Good Frameworks
  • Are Fine With Ambiguity
  • Predict Their Own Incompleteness
  • Stick tightly to the most current neuro-science
  • Are alternatives to the shallow and orthodox
Engineered Awareness


A study in Wisconsin showed that the brains of high level meditators are very different. Ordinary people experience a burst of gamma brain waves once a day or week. Elite meditators live in the gamma state 24/7. Getting to the full gamma state takes about 63,000 hours of conventional meditation. That's because it's inefficient, has an agenda and takes you in different directions. We teach a highly effective form of mindfulness that gets you to full gamma much faster.


If you want to live like this


Then DON'T do this!


How To Be Witty

Your Wits About You

Comedy for Innovators

Having an innovative idea is not an epiphany, which are much larger, solve more problems at once, and for most people are rarer and more difficult to achieve. The skills needed to have big insights can be practiced by learning how to be witty. Many of the thinking tools are the same. This quick and entertaining seminar will teach you how to compose your thoughts and words so that other people will find them funny. You can't think of ways to change the world 20 times a day, but you can think of things that are funny.

Practicing saying funny things will make you stronger when you say serious things. Making light of the situation increases psychological safety and gives a green light to fringe suggestions. Comedy can work better than market research. And the benefits of laughter are numerous. Creating alternate realities will give you a stronger grasp on this one, in the same way that spending some time insane can make people hypersane.

Room Reading

You step into a room. There's a clump of people over there, more people scattered throughout the periphery, and some in between the clump and the far flung. Is there a pattern? Or is it all just random? A successful model is one that accounts for everything.

Once you become proficient in mindfulness, it's easier to listen to people's bodies. And listening to people's bodies is an excellent way to become proficient at mindfulness.

Hormones express our emotions and shape our bodies and faces in ways that cannot be consciously controlled. So feeling emotions creates visible changes that others can observe. Stephen Pinker argues that this is the only system that could have evolved.

There is one set of models for understanding people who feel empathy, and a different set for those that don't.

"Techniques for dealing with psychopaths? Why would we need those? We never see any of them around here."
- Vice President of HR for a large corporation





Engineered Awareness

proudly presents

Brain Snorting

the creative inventing game that's taking the world by snort!




Part Game, All Toolbox, Brain Snorting is Tools With Rules

All the freedom of conventional brain storming, with the addition of Crosseed cards, a box full of desirable booty, and rubber dog toys that snort when you squeeze them. It's crazy and it works.
You choose the tools you want when you want them.

Brain Snorting produces more high quality ideas compared to ordinary brain storming



Crosseed Cards


Box of Booty






The Brain Snorting Kit contains all you need to run a brain snorting session:

  • 8 snorters
  • deck of crosseed cards
  • instructions and rules
  • folk eye / rock eye
  • custom spreadsheet on usb stick
  • 4 hand farters