Engineered Awareness

is a product of Dave Boyle, innovation and creativity consultant.

Dave Boyle has worked in a variety of industries. As an Electronic Technician he repaired audio equipment, business machines, designed and built custom science museum exhibits and electronic gadgets for film and TV.

100% Rational Science

As a computer programmer he wrote code in high level object oriented languages like c++, scripting languages like python and javascript, web coding, and low level languages like assembler and bare metal microcontrollers.

As a tradesman he did electrical wiring, carpentry and high end woodwork. He is an excellent trouble shooter, highly intuitive, and has a strong reputation for making it work.

Engineered Awareness is a unique and comprehensive framework based on science not unproven faith.
It's rational enough to satisfy scientists, and rigorous enough to satisfy engineers.

0% Spirituality

It's far more than just a collection of empirically arrived at tidbits. It features predictive equations based on calculus, and profound paradigms and allegories from biology, logic and psychology.

Engineered Awareness is a proper theory, and not a tape of squeaks from observation.