Imagine you want to sit down and write some music. It's a noble endeavor, both altruistic and selfish at the same time. But first you have to learn how. Should be easy, you have a library of music books at hand and they can teach you. All you have to figure out is What do you want to know?

You get a book called
Writing Music
The Page and the Pen
It's about how to draw symbols on a page, or music calligraphy. Language, grammar, history and conventions. Very detailed.

Then you get
Written Music
Concert Scores for Maestros
All about concerts, rehearsals and programmes. Quite complex.

Finally you discover
Mighting Music
Chords and Intervals for Popular Sounds
This is the momma bear you've been looking for. It's about what notes to write to get the sounds you want. Priceless.

Sage advice from either end of these levels will often be meaningless to the other.
The ladder of sophistication is a fertile ground for misunderstanding, errors and head butting. Specify which rung of the ladder you're on for less arguing.

LEVEL 0 - Tell it to the robot

LEVEL 1 - Laying a good brick

LEVEL 2 - the usual patterns

LEVEL 3 - paradigms for fun and profit


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